Know Your Partner Better

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If you’re curious about the person whom you’ve fallen in love with or simply have doubts about his or her stories then you should find some ways on how you could get to know him or her a lot better. You can be honest your partner and ask him or her directly about some of the things that are bothering you but do take note that asking direct questions sometimes may not lead you to the answers that you seek. In some cases, men and women get angry at their partner because they were asked questions which they perceived to be offensive. With that in mind, you also have to be careful when you ask because not all individuals are open enough when it comes to telling what they know about themselves or certain topics. Now, though, you don’t really have to confront a person just so you could get quality answers. That’s because you can always extract answers that are truthful subtly. For what many use to have the answers that they’re looking for from their beloved, please read on.

Do you think your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating? Are you interest to know what your husband or wife is keeping? If yes is your answer to either of the questions given, you should try looking for some truth or dare answers and questions. That’s so you would know the questions that may help you extract information and also know the possible reasons behind probable answers. With truth or dare, you’d be able to let a person feel challenged in a good way. Take note that it’s a game or, in most cases, a consequence of losing a game, so no person gets offended by truth or dare right away. But, of course, you shouldn’t just ask your partner to play the game with you at random. You have to have proper timing. When you two are feeling mischievous or are having fun doing some stuff, you could insert the thought of playing the game. If your partner would decline after you suggested playing it, you could try asking again at a later time. Don’t keep on asking repeatedly so that he or she won’t think that you’re probing. After all, people may be offended of those who doubt them.

You could use your common friend to get the answers that you seek, too. If a close friend of yours is also close to your partner, you could use him or her to extract information. Basically, this approach is effective but somewhat risky. After all, the person whom you’d get help from may be closer to your partner and he or she may divulge what you have in mind. For this to work, you should communicate with the said individual privately. After that, you should tell him or her why you need help and how he or she could be of assistance to you. Tell the person that, at all cost, he or she should keep the talk between you two a secret because your relationship with your partner is on the line. Go for someone who is honest with you and also someone who can actually keep a secret. Never get help from an individual who is talkative as he or she may intentionally or unintentionally blurt out the fact that it’s you who actually wants to know answers.